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Not such a prude after all: the secrets of Henry VIII’s love life

It was traditionally thought the Tudor monarch watched for a rocket rising from the Tower of London to signal the beheading of his wife, and his new freedom to marry Lady Jane Seymour. Prior to the apocryphal tale being told, the site in Richmond Park was also a popular hunting spot for figures including Elizabeth I, and has been scheduled as a nationally important site.

Henry VII made use of the park, and his tempestuous son was said to have eagerly awaited the execution of his wife from a mound in the area.

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Despite having married six women and seduced countless more, Henry VIII is often depicted as something of a prude. But, as historian and author Amy Licence reveals, the story may have been quite different for the women who shared his bed…. While the church advocated regular but moderate sex within marriage — for mutual comfort and procreation — Tudor medicine stated the importance of sex for health.

Without it, fluids and vapours were thought to build up in the body and cause fits, fever and illness. Aristocratic wives were expected to be models of chastity in order to produce heirs but their husbands might seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere, typically with women of the lower classes. February 8, at pm. Indeed, Henry is often compared to his lusty and syphilitic contemporary, Francis I of France, whose antics leave the English king in the shade.

Henry certainly had no official mistress in the French style, although he did offer this title to Anne Boleyn , who refused it. It may be, though, that tradition has him all wrong. Henry valued secrecy and discretion when it came to his personal relationships and although he was at the centre of a busy court, he had the means to achieve this. Usually kings favoured affairs with married women, whose pregnancies could be officially attributed to their husbands, even if the court gossips suspected otherwise.

Bessie was quickly married off and her subsequent children, born soon after her son Henry FitzRoy, were given the surname of her pliant husband.

Terrible Tudors

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A Richmond Park site where legend held that Henry VIII awaited a to be an ancient round barrow funerary monument dating from between.

Please check your spam box if you don’t receive a confirmation email. Posted By Claire on January 1, Henry VIII was excited about meeting Anne and so he decided to disguise himself and travel to Rochester to surprise her. As we can see from this account, Anne was not expecting a visit from the king, Henry was in disguise and she did not realise who he was and so treated him just like a servant.

How at the arryval of the Quene at Rochester, the Kings Highnes appointed to go thither to se her upon newyeres day, and ordered the said Anthony to wayt upon hym: and at his comyng thithe, to go before him with this message, how he had brought her a newyers gift, if it liked her to se it. And when the said Sir Anthony entred the chambre where she was, and having conceived in his mind, what was by picures and advertisements signified of her beauty and qualities, at the general view of the ladies he thought he saw no such thing there, and yet were thother of better favour than the Quene.

But whan he was directed unto herself, and advisedly loked upon her, he saith, he was never more dismayed in al his life, lamenting in his hart, which altered his outward countenance, to se the Lady so far and unlike that was reported and of such sort as he thought the Kings Highnes shuld not content hyself with her.

Hans Holbein the Younger

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As a child he was considered an excellent sportsman and an intelligent student. Since Henry’s older brother was meant to be appointed King of England Henry was preparing through his childhood and young adult life for a life in the church. Henry became Prince of Wales, after the death of his brother Prince Arthur, in and was appointed King of England upon the death of their father in Henry VIII took six wives and several mistresses during his reign as King of England but is also well known for his formation of the Church of England, a church over which with King Henry himself was the leader of.

Henry was only Catherine gave birth to son Henry in The infant died after only a few weeks. Catherine had several other pregnancies which either miscarried or resulted in stillborn or weak infants who didn’t live much past birth. In , Catherine gave birth to Mary I, who would later hold the throne for 5 years. Henry had mistresses during his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

Henry VIII and His Many Relationships

Vital conservation work is about to start to help safeguard this nationally important painting. Several images of Henry were painted during his reign, probably the best known being the later images by Holbein. This early depiction was not painted to commemorate the strength and triumphs of the Tudor dynasty, but to record a truthful likeness of the young King.

Henry VII’s coronation took place in October He and his wife Elizabeth (​This date is given in Old Style dating, now called ). The funeral effigies are.

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King Henry VIII

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WHEN you think of Henry VIII, you conjure up images of a long-dead I realised that the internet has brought us full circle where dating and.

In this section. The original royal seal and charter are on display at the school. The school has evolved through many different guises since that day, but the legacy of our founding monarch has remained. Today we are an independent, co-educational day school of around pupils from The school is part of an educational charity, the Coventry School Foundation. The school has educated local children throughout its history.

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Depends on who you ask. The longing for human contact is a natural feeling that everyone has. Shepherds used to carve their feelings into tree bark. Messages have even been sent into space.

What The Donald has in common with one of history’s biggest egomaniacs, Henry VIII — the similarities will shock you.

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Horrible Histories

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