Niall Horan: ‘I’m a showoff, but there’s an introvert inside me too’


Get it Natcho Cheese. NotYour cheese! Get it, hes in neverland. Sike thats not my joke i stole it from Spencer on Icarly. Who the hell is this woman? Ever since that last phone call, Harry only called you once due to his busy schedule.

One Direction Preferences and Imagines — #6 You Play Hard To Get

It was torture and all I saw at night was her crying face. I was with Zayn walking to Nandos when I saw her. There talking with her new boyfriend right on the corner of the street. I just wanted to explain to her why and hold her tight.

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Derek leaves your side and Harry turns his full attention to you. On your way to the bar, you spot Liam Payne doing to the same. He lets you go ahead of him, watching as you order another drink and you feel a tingle up your spine at his gaze. You sit beside him in the front row watching as One Direction accepts their surfboard. The blond one, Niall Horan, is looking at you. He makes his way to you during the commercial break, introducing himself while Hayden is away and you blush at his forwardness.

You had been at the TCA after party for almost three hours and you were ready to go home. You roll your eyes and sigh before finding a seat at the bar. Your eyes widen and a smile appears on your face as the face of Louis Tomlinson looks back at you. You threw on a smile as you walked the red carpet, trying not to show your discomfort. As the two of you made your way to your seats, Joe slipped out for a moment after his brothers had found someone that wanted to meet them.

Louis Tomlinson Revealed the Real Reason He’s Not Friends with Zayn Malik Anymore

They knew you were hurt by what happened with Harry and they tried to be there for you. An award show was coming up and you knew that the boys would be attending, which meant that you would see Harry for the first time since everything. You knew that you needed to move on and so you decided you were going to have a date to the award show. You had a really good friend from school that you still kept in touch with and you both sort of dated for a while back before your life changed.

Imagine: Harry left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely So, they made me break up with Y/N and made me date this older woman. I didn’t one-harry-direction reblogged this from theinsidenottheoutside He’s the only sky person I can trust right now.

Okay, I still am. I stand next to Louis, my best man, waiting for her to come. Just the thought about that makes me even more nervous. But then – suddenly – the church door opens and walks down the aisle, smiling at me. I try a little grin. No, even better than that, like a queen, Queen Elisabeth! No, even more than that, I feel like mentally broken. I stand here in the church, Zayn next to me, and I feel like fainting every second. What about our kis? Should they grow up with their father being everywhere around the world but not with them?

When you have to laugh, think about me in a horrible suit with an ugly tie, okay? Imagine this! I close my eyes and try to see him in the most horrible suit I can even imagine. I try to think about yelling at him, calling him a jerk, taking Zayn instead of him as my best man.

Baby, the best part of me is you.

Well, it turns out, Louis is actually taken! Yes, I think so. But as adorable as they are now, their relationship has actually had a few bumps along the way. After that, he was linked to a bunch of girls, including The Originals actress Danielle Campbell , hairstylist Briana Jungwirth who gave birth to his son, Freddie and more — before eventually getting back together with Eleanor. OK, so what exactly went down between him and Eleanor? Why did they break up and did he really cheat on her?

I’ll take you to an amazing date tomorrow and you can give your fair judgments!” You shook your But I’m sure you’ll find someone else who is looking for just that​.” Do you know any other blogs that write one direction or harry styles Being the considerate boyfriend he is, Liam offered to drive you there.

He leans over and you close your eyes as you are told to do, while you are trying to look like you are deeply, madly in love with this boy you are going to kiss. Suddenly you are interrupted by a loud noise. You all turn to where the noise came from and see Louis standing there with a whistle in his hands. He looks everyone in the face, pretending to be innocent. You shake your head, smiling because you cannot believe his action. And then you hear something fall on the floor.

Louis looks at you all, acting not to know why you are looking at him and then he looks at the bottle that lies next to his feet. The director sighs and lets his head down. You give him a confused glare, asking him without words if everything is okay. He shakes his head. And then you get what is wrong with Louis. He is jealous although there is no reason for him to be. This is just a movie, he is just your co-star, Louis is your boyfriend you try to calm yourself down, ignoring the nagging feeling in your chest.

You cannot wait to finish this scene and be with Louis again, cannot wait to kiss him.


I just let go of the guy I was dancing with, and walk over to my friend. I stuff the car keys in her hands. I walk out of the club, and pull my coat on.

I love one direction and only one direction, Preference #He’s your ex and he sees your new boyfriend break up with you/hit It killed me inside knowing that she’s dating someone new after only 3 months,but at least she’s happy. ZAYN:It was just one big fight that ended everything between me and.

Tomlinson, who lost his mother to Leukemia on December 7, , is hurt and upset with Malik. Tomlinson then talked about how special it was to have his other bandmates there and be able to bond with them again. But Malik was missing, and Tomlinson noticed. They are most definitely not on good terms. All of your family is in my prayers. So where did it all go wrong between these two boys? Back in , all five boy band members seemed like best buds.

Once they were all paired together they were truly unstoppable. To the point. Tomlinson seemed heartfelt too with his messages. But then things turned frosty. I think so. Tomlinson got snarky, responding to the photo with a middle-school-esque insult. Some people still do HA!

Harry Styles’ New Direction

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as “one-direction” Showing of Who hide their fears, hurt, pain and tears under the smiles, laughs and giggles on a daily basis. The girls who wear their heart on their sleeve. The girls who pray that things will work out just once and they’ll be satisfied.

You’re Dating Someone Else That’s Famous When You Meet Him For The First Time he asks with a smile that lets you know he’s teasing.

You pout. Niall looks kinda confused. You look at him confused. But then suddenly he throws himself on you and starts tickling you. Your tummy starts hurt from laughter. Then suddenly your boyfriend Harry walks in. Niall immediately gets of you while Harry takes your hand. You walk to your room to get dressed. He grabs the bowl and hands you it. Strange, cause Niall never shares his food. You grab some popcorn, but then you realise the bowl is empty.

Can you get me some new popcorn?

Harry Styles

You sat by the bar, while rolling your eyes at your friends who went off to dance. Truth be told, you felt bored and wanted to go back to your place so bad and were about to do just that. You took your credit card from your wallet and gave it to the bartender to make the payment. By who? I know. From that one band.

You see each other after the break-up I hope you’ll like this one, Actually, you were absolutely not ready to date someone after only two months. Since he’s dating that stupid girl, he’s not the same” Niall stated sadly.

By Ellie Phillips For Mailonline. They rekindled their relationship in and have been stronger than ever since then, with engagement speculation swirling in recent weeks. Louis insisted that engagement rumours are premature but admitted that marriage is on the cards, as is having more children. He explained: ‘Yeah I saw some of that [engagement rumours]. It isn’t true, but the luxury with Eleanor is I’ve known her since before our first single What Makes You Beautiful, so she’s felt the whole growth of everything.

Quizzed about marriage he added: ‘One day, yeah, I’d imagine so. If you’re asking me if I’m going to marry her? Yes, I think so! And more kids, I’d say so. Fond memories: Louis and Eleanor split for two years, between and Pictured together in Chatting about the lyrics to his new song, Walls, he explained that it delves into the emotions experienced following a breakup. But I’ve understood that now and I’ve come back stronger”.

ONE DIRECTION IMAGINES — He sees you with your new boyfriend (Harry, Liam,…

Hi, we’re Brooklyn and Liz and these are our One Direction preferences. I’m still fine with a new writer. Here: brooklyns1dpreferences. The boys were nearing the end of their first concert of the tour and this song, Juliet, was your favorite. You liked it because you always imagined it was Harry singing to you, even though he was only your fake boyfriend.

See more ideas about Niall horan imagines, Imagine, One direction imagines. Niall horan #imagine ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HE’S SHIRTLESS.

You spent more time at his flat than you did your own, you were there so often you and the doorman were on a first name basis. Off to see young Harold are we? The ride up in the lift was always the part that got you. All your friends told you that you should stop seeing him altogether, but you are addicted, and so was he. To this physical, emotional, and mentally unstable attraction.

Which Harry was going to open the door tonight? Harry, your best friend, the person that you trusted the most and would do virtually anything for. Or would it be Harry, the irresistible, sexy Brit, whose voice made you melt into a puddle? You stepped out and made your way down the hall. You loved it when he said your name. You and Liam had been friends for years, and had even dated for a short period of time. You grabbed a fist full of his hair, and scratched at his back. He pressed his body against yours, the way he always did when he was about to finish.

You felt your eyes widen in shock, as the meaning behind what he said sunk in.

Harry asks Louis if he is bi

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